The Hungry Harimau 2022 Has Struck Again!

It’s been almost 3 years since our last Hungry Harimau. We’ve held a successful sequel recently, from 6th until 9th November 2022.

This was our third Hungry Harimau, the last one was held in 2019. For 2022, it was held in Sutera Harbour Golf Club in Sabah. The event was a golf tournament held to raise fund, which is to be donated to a chosen non-profit organisation that is helping the needy.

For this occasion, the beneficiary selected was Tadika Ceria Kadazandusun, a local kindergarten located in a village just outside of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Their mission is to educate the children under their care in their own native tongue, Kadazandusun.

Hungry Harimau 2022 suceeded in raising a total amount of RM18,100. Tadika Ceria Kadazandusun will be able to use the fund to finance the construction of their playground.

Our esteemed Executive Chairman, Dato’ Dr Chua Hock Hoo, expresses his deepest thanks, and happiness for having been able to take part, and, once again, help the less fortunate.

We’d like to convey our special thanks to everyone that helped to make Hungry Harimau 2022 a success, especially the sponsors of the event.

Kudos to Hungry Harimau 2023 comittee members for a job well done!

Highlights of Hungry Harimau 2022

Day 1 (Arrival and Kick-Off, 6 November, Sunday)

The Hungry Harimau kicked off with an awesome dinner, and a team draw. All contestant arrived on time, with some chose to have a practice round in order to prepare themselves for the tournament.

Day 2 (1st Round, 7 November, Monday)

It began bright and early with the first round of the tournament, the Best Ball. It went on throughout the morning until mid-afternoon, at 3pm. For the rest of the afternoon, the contestants enjoyed a great game of target shooting. The day ended well with a seafood feast in Kota Kinabalu.

Day 3 (2nd Round, 8 November, Tuesday)

The day started with a scramble match. By the late afternoon, the contestants proceeded with the putting challenge. The evening was graced with an explosive BBQ at Sunset Bar.

Day 4 (Last Round, Award, and Farewells)

No one begins the day with goodbyes. Instead, we had at the alternate shots match throughout the morning. The contestants lunched at noon, and we then had the award-giving ceremony. The event ended with warm farewells and exchange of compliments, prior to departure.

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