Tax Update 1 Jan 2023 on Bill Number & E-Billing

Since 1 Jan 2023, you’re required to accompany each direct tax payment made to LHDN with a bill number, to be generated by LHDN’s e-billing system, under MyTax.

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Under Login , you’re to:

  1. Log into your account at MyTax with your NRIC/Passport/Army/Police number and password;
  2. Select EzHasil Services at the top left-hand corner of the page; and
  3. Select E-Billing.

Under Bill, you’re to:

  1. Select Taxpayer Bill Display, and specify your purpose (e.g., tax estimate bill or tax bill); or
  2. Select Employer Bill Display in order to deal with your Employer Compound Bill; or
  3. Select Bill Generation, and specify whether you wish to generate your bill for Labuan Business Activities Tax or submit a Manual Income Tax Return Form.

Once you’ve generated the bill, you may proceed with Payment , which requires you to: generate payment slip; select payment channel; and make payments.

For more information, kindly visit LHDN website and refer to User Manual and FAQ.

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