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We’re postponing this event to a later date.
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Agenda 1: Budget 2023 Overview and General Impact

From a macroeconomic analysis, we will complete the picture of Budget 2023 with a description of what is Budget 2023 about, and also its main features, in Session II. The purpose is to give you a description without bogging you down with unnecessary jargons.

Session Highlights:

  • general goals of Budget 2023;
  • a list of all aspects of Budget 2023 affecting SMEs; and
  • overall impacts on SMEs.  
Aaron Heng

Aaron Heng

Seremban Branch Manager, Cheng & Co Group

Agenda 2: Know Where Your Money Goes

Budget 2023 will have an impact on the macroeconomy of Malaysia. How will it affect you as an SME? This session serves to not only provide a bird’s-eye view of the economy next year, but also more in-depth discussion into the effects of expected GDP growth and inflation on your business.

Session Highlights:

  • The common misconceptions about “money” in businesses;
  • The right mindset of cash management that keeps your cash flow healthy;
  • Where and how you can make money by turning resources to your advantage; and
  • How you can efficiently manage your money-making to survive and thrive through the Covid-19 pandemic.
Tay Lee Hoon

Tay Lee Hoon

Executive Director of Cheng & Co Global Advisory

  • 17+ years of experience in consulting, taxation, and assurance.

  • Specialities include M&A, IPO, business valuation, and pro-takeover financial due diligence.

  • Contributes greatly to financial risks mitigation and value creation as she firmly grasps complex financial issues.

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