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这个疫情让许多企业无法继续经营,现金流出现了状况。那您的企业怎样了呢? 企业生病了吗?财务健康指数检查了吗?知道怎样预防或治疗吗?在此分享会中,诚国集团将以iHealthcheck教您如何为您的企业“把脉诊断”和“怎样预防”与“治疗”,以健康的财务报表迎接新的一年。

日期:2020年12月28日 (星期一)

时间:8.30pm – 10.00pm
讲师:郑丽虹(诚国集团, 咨询部执行董事)

1. 怎样知道您的企业财务健康状况
2. 公司的内部流程出现“病发症状”
3. 怎样管理和“预防”
4. 提供您治疗的器材或药物
5. 企业和个人在年尾结束前要做怎么样的财税健康检查 ?

1. 企业老板不管您是有限无限独资伙伴生意
2. 刚创业的更需要参与
3. 做会计的
4. 老板和个人想要省更多的税
5. 注重省税和银行借款


Tay Lee Hoon

Executive Director on Global Advisory

  • B. Acc (Hons) UKM, CA (M)
  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting (Hons) of University of National (UKM)
  • Member of the Malaysia Institute of Accountants (MIA)
  • Tax and GST Tax Agent license

Ms Tay Lee Hoon has 16 years’ professional experience in taxation, corporate consultancy and other assurance services. She involved in tax and corporate consultancy services encompasses various industries covering from manufacturing, hotel, development, second hand car dealer, car dealer, construction etc, which provides objective advice that adds value to the client’s business.

Presently, she involves in corporate transaction services including Merger and Acquisition (M&A), Initial Public Offer (IPO), business valuation and financial due diligence services on business take-over. She is one of the prominent GST Speaker in Cheng & Co giving numerous advice and tips helping to solve various industries issues.

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