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What is a Trademark?

Trademark is a sign, mark, logo which distinguishes your product and services from your competitors. The owner of a registered trademark obtains the exclusive right to use it. The owner also entitled to take infringement action against any infringer.

Why do I need to register a Trademark?

It is important to register your trademark to protect your business and goodwill which you have built up. By registering your trademark, you are protecting yourself from infringement claims and controlling the use of your brand by others.

How Trademark benefits my company?

  1. To prevent other merchants from imitating your trademark which may look similar or identical to yours. And it gives you the rights to take legal action against anyone who uses your trademark without your permission.
  2. By holding a registered trademark, it significantly increases the value of your goods or services as potential customers are likely to pay more for the reputable brand that you have built up.
  3. With a registered trademark, more revenues can be generated by the franchise, selling, licensing or renting it out to others.

Our Services for Trademark Registration:

  • Preliminary advice & search:
    • Professional advisory and public search of the proposed trademark
  • Trademark Application, Publication & Registration
    • Prepare, execute and file a trademark application to MyIPO
    • Follow up on the advertisement of registration and Certification of Registration (if the trademark is approved)


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