Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

Moving to Malaysia has become one of the common choices for foreigners when it comes to immigration. Malaysia has developed friendly and welcoming infrastructures for international citizens to move into the country. There are 2 ways for people who want to move to Malaysia to apply for MM2H:

  • Direct Application
  • Assisted Application

So, what are the differences between these two?

Direct application can be more complicated and time-consuming for the applicants as they will need to run the entire process themselves. Whereas, the assisted application is to appoint an MM2H licensed agent to run the whole process for you.


The requirement for the Applicants:

There are several requirements for the applicant to meet before applying for the MM2H. (There any some other slight differences between these application methods are mentioned below)


Financial Requirement

 Below 50 y/oAbove 50 y/o
Upon Application
Show proof of an offshore income per month (T&C applied) 

RM 10,000


RM 10,000

Show proof of liquid assets (T&C applied) 

RM 500,000



RM 350,000

Upon Approval
Place a fixed deposit in any local bank in Malaysia  

RM 300,000


RM 150,000

May withdraw the fixed deposit on second-year withdrawal (T&C applied) 

RM 150,000


RM 50,000

Must maintain the fixed deposit throughout the programme  

RM 150,000


 RM 100,000


Security Vetting

Applicant must submit Letter of Good Conduct (LOGC) issued by the Police Department or Security Agencies from their country of origin. If the applicant has committed to any criminal offences, the application will be automatically rejected.

Medical Report and Insurance Coverage

Upon approval, the applicant and their dependent(s) are required to conduct a medical check-up at any private hospital or registered clinic in Malaysia. However, if there are any transmittable disease found in either applicant or their dependents(s), the approval will be revoked.

Moreover, the applicant must hold medical insurance from any insurance company which covers themselves while they are in Malaysia. Nonetheless, exemptions are applicable if the applicant has difficulties to obtain the insurance due to their age or medical condition.

Immigration-Related Fee

For applying for MM2H Social Visit Pass, the applicant is required to pay the Immigration-related fees which include Social Visit Pass, Multiple Entry Visa, and Journey Performed Visa (if required). The total amount will be listed in the Conditional Approval Letter.

Security and Personal Bond

If the applicant chooses to apply directly, he/she is required to pay the Security Bond. The rate changes upon nationality, and ranges from RM200 to RM2,000. If the applicant decides to exit, he/she may claim for refund on the security the bond (terms and condition applied).

However, if the applicant chooses to apply the MM2H through a licensed agent, he/she will not need to pay for the Security Bond as the agent will provide the Personal Bond for the applicant once the application is approved.

Document Required:

Some of the documents are required while the original submission and some are required upon approval:

  1. Letter of Application (Cover Letter)
    • Includes personal background, the reason for immigration, and financial support to sustain your stay in Malaysia
  2. One (1) resume by the main applicant (and spouse respectively, if applicable). Please include the following areas:
    • Academic qualification
    • Working experience
    • Skills or expertise acquired
  3. One (1) MM2H Application Form:
    • Fill in individually by the applicant, and his/her spouse (if applicable)
  4. Three (3) IM.12 Form- Social Visit Pass
    • One (1) original form, and Two (2) photocopies
  5. Four (4) coloured passport-sized photographs (3.5×5.0cm) with BLUE (To be attached in step 3&4)
  6. Three (3) photocopies of passport/travel documents
    • Passport must be valid for a minimum of 12 months upon submission at the MM2H.
    • One(1) certified copy of the passport of every page
    • Two (2) photocopies of passport particular page
  7. Original Letter of Good Conduct (only main applicant requires)
  8. One (1) RB 1 Form- Self-declaration of the applicant’s/dependent’s health conditions. (fill in individually)
  9. Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (if the dependent is a spouse)/ Divorce Certificate (if the dependent is a child)
  10. Certificate copy of Birth Certificate (if the dependent is children/adopted children/stepchildren/parents )
    • Letter of Verification from Medical Specialist/ General Practitioner (For dependent children with disabilities of aged 21 years and above).
    • Statutory Declaration by the main applicant to bear all expenses and financial requirements during the stay in Malaysia for dependents.
    • Legal custody documents (for sole custody) and letter of authorization from another parent (for divorced parents accompanied by children).
  11. Original or certified copies of Employment/Pension Verification Letter (primary source), latest three (3) months payslips/pension slips and latest three (3) months Bank Statement showing credit of income equivalent to at least RM 10,000 per month.
    • Can be supported by secondary income. i.e.: rental, or dividend
    • If using secondary income as the source, supporting certificate regarding the source will need to be provided
    • If the applicant is unable to meet the RM 10,000 requirement, he/she may submit income from spouse to support the application. However, the ratio of the applicant’s income should exceed 7:3.
  12. Original or Certified copy(s) of latest of three (3) months Bank Statement showing a minimum liquid asset worth of RM350,000 for age 50 and above or a minimum liquid asset worth of RM500,000
    • Primary sources are Saving Account and Fixed Deposit Account
    • Secondary sources are Share, Investment, Insurance plus investment (must have “surrender value”)
    • The applicant is NOT ALLOWED to submit only secondary liquid asset(s) without any primary liquid asset(s)
  13. Financial Status or Account Verification and Job And Salary Verification Authorization Letter

For APPROVED Participants:

  1. Only the main applicant needs to submit the Security Bond.
  2. The Security Bond Form must be stamped (by the Stamping Office in Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.
  3. The Security Bond is payable in the form of Cash or Bank Draft to the KETUA PENGARAH IMIGRESEN MALAYSIA.
  4. The Security Bond Fee can be withdrawn if the participant/ dependent decides to exit from the MM2H Programme (T&C applied).
  5. The amount chargeable varies upon the nationality (can check with the Rate of Security Bond by Country)

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