Post MCO Series 4 – First Step Towards Digitalisation

Every business is longing to operate the business like how it used to be before the outbreak of COVID-19. Governments around the world have been planning to recover from the severe economic crisis by allowing specific businesses to start to operate despite the continuation of the lockdown. Unfortunately, not every business gets to sustain its business. However, due to this pandemic, many articles online have highlighted the facts of changing business environment.


Management should analyze its entire business process and identify the potential areas for digitalisation and “go-to cloud”. The most common operation processes that can go to cloud are the accounting and payroll operation. Moreover, there is no requirement to pay for updating the cloud software. It is usually auto-updated.

Accounting and Payroll

As mentioned previously, accounting and payroll processes are the most well-known system to go-to-cloud. Therefore, herewith more details on the reason why should businesses digitalise.

a. Price

A lot of people worry on the price of the cloud software. Actually, it is cheap and affordable.  Companies do not need to invest in onsite hardware cost as any device connected to Internet with a browser can access your accounts anywhere and at any time.

b. Security

Information is encrypted and not easily accessible by unauthorised persons. Your company information is backup automatically in the best cloud service providers, i.e. AWS, Azure and Alibaba Cloud.

c. View from anywhere and anytime

You can view the debtors and ask for collection thru the accounting apps. Moreover, you can access the app anywhere and anytime as long as connect to the Internet. Most importantly, the accounting information is LIVE and UP TO DATE.

d. COLLECT YOUR PAYMENT NOW from invoice and statement of account EMAIL OR WHATSAPP

From the cloud accounting software, you can send by EMAIL or Messaging Apps such as Whatapps invoice or statement of account for your customers to click and pay. The cost is just 1% to 2% of the transaction cost which is very cost-effective.

Our associate, Curlec has integrated with ProB CloudAccounting powered by Xero to provide payment solutions for Malaysian business to receive payments from business accounts through online invoices received from emails and WhatsApp messages as compared to traditional payments method of issuing cheques.

e. Document Scanning Integration with Accounting software

Nowadays, technology has evolved to instant receipt scanning on your phone. Physical documents and data are recognized accurately (thru OCR and AI) and stored in the Cloud.

The data from the scan can be integrated and automatically sent to the accounting system.  This can reduce the processing time of recording transactions and improve the accuracy significantly.

If you already use cloud payroll and accounting software, your staff no need to purposely go back to the office to process payroll. They can do it at home easily.

f. Covid-19 changes biometric door access (Time attendances)

The guidance to prevent recurrence thru sanitization, mask and social distancing is vital during these times. A lot of big organizations have suspended the use of fingerprint scanning. Doorknobs, lift buttons, handles, furniture, machines and others may need sanitization and care.  Punctuality is vital for each organization but not in the expense of health and safety.

Nowadays, we can use facial recognition and location technology for time attendance function. This type of “contactless” technology will be the trend of the future.

Our Government has also issued guidance especially to a large organization that has more than 100 workers to report their monthly temperature of all their staff daily. This reporting is easily enabled thru door access temperature monitoring facial recognition system.

To do our part to help the community, Pro B Centre together with our Cloud Payroll partner HReasily is providing all customers with 90 days’ free use of our Time & Attendance module. We hope this helps you make the transition to working remotely and keeps your businesses going.

While going to digitalisation, our Malaysian government has announced to allocate RM500 million to encourage SMEs for digitalisation (the first 100,000 applicants). Our Malaysian government gives 50% matching grant of maximum RM5,000 per company for the subscription of digital service. Our Pro B Centre is one of the qualified Technology Service Providers (TSP). Speak to us to find out more.

Please contact us at or WhatsApp to +60127017918 to obtain the best advice for the suitable cloud solutions software such as XERO, HReasily, Curlec and Talenox.

The contact details of Cheng & Co Regional office personnel are as follows: or


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