CSS To Boost SMEs’ Better Profit, Get Funded, Growth the Company with Financial Support

The majority of Cheng & Co’s clients are small and medium enterprises (SMEs) thus we have first-hand knowledge on all their pain points and the required expertise to address them. This brings us to a common issue often faced by SMEs – lack of insights into processes and procedures.  For example, if an SME wishes to apply for the pioneer status, it must be done prior to commencement of business.

However, many companies become aware this a little too late. More often than not, they qualify for the pioneer status but only realise this after business is well underway. By that time, engaging Cheng & Co to advice on this matter might not necessarily bear fruit simply because the procedure was not adhered to. This predicament is understandable since not many SMEs have the financial means to recruit a Chief Financial Officer to oversee matters like this.

Introducing the CFO’s Support Services or better known as CSS. Before illustrating the solutions provided by CSS, we first look at common situations this service can address:

  • Oversight of the timing for tax planning, business planning and company structure
  • Obtaining a bank loan
  • Growing the company
  • Establishing a new start-up Company
  • Establishing a Foreign owned company

Cheng & Co’s CSS was created as a value-added service for our clients. It requires a minimal fee but addresses major issues. SMEs can now get CFO level advice and guidance concurrent with the needs of the business. Just like having a CFO onboard, the CSS will help make crucial financial decisions which will end up saving SMEs a lot of time and anguish. For example, many companies use excess internal funds to invest in properties.

In the past, they were inclined to use the operating company to buy properties, but this can lead to complications such as interest restrictions and the worth of the business actually goes higher in part due to non-operating investment assets. So how does the CSS work? It is a virtual/present professional consulting platform that works with you to solve your accounting and financial management challenges.

Your issues and priorities are addressed to meet your unique requirements, schedule and budget. CSS presents a great opportunity for SMEs to address financial management and capabilities issues, regardless of time and location. You can engage the service either on a commitment basis or as a one-off option.

If your business is one of the following, the CSS is for you:

  • Start-up
  • Growing and expanding
  • Foreign owned company incorporated in Malaysia
  • Company that’s obtaining a bank loan
  • Company that is being penalised
  • Going for an IPO
  • Incurring fee from tag on services
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