Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About BSN Micro/i Kredit Prihatin

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Q1: What is BSN Micro/i Kredit Prihatin?

BSN Micro/i Kredit Prihatin is a micro financing / loan scheme offered to micro enterprises whose business is affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Q2: Who is eligible to apply for BSN Micro/i Kredit Prihatin?

Micro entrepreneurs who meet the following criteria:

• Micro entrepreneurs whose businesses were affected by the COVID-19 outbreak
• Micro Enterprises – Single Ownership / Partnership / Company Sdn. Bhd
• Owned by Malaysian Citizens
• Business is conducted full-time or part-time
• The business has been operating for not less than 6 months

Micro company criterias:

  • Yearly turnover not more than RM300,000 or
  • Less than 5 employees.

Q3: What type of business sector is eligible to apply for BSN Micro/i Kredit Prihatin?

Open to all business sectors

Q4: What is the amount of financing / loan offered under BSN Micro/i Kredit Prihatin?

Up to RM75,000 maximum with 0% interest

Q5: How long is the BSN Micro/i Kredit Prihatin?

Between 1 to 5.5 years

Q6: What are the privileges of BSN Micro/i Kredit Prihatin?

The BSN Micro/i Kredit Prihatin is a 6-month moratorium on monthly installment payments.

Q7: What supporting documents are needed?

The required supporting documents are:

• Certificate of Registration of Company with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) or a valid Local Authority Business License
• Copy of Identity Card of All Directors / Single Owners / Partners /
• Company Bank Account Statement for the last 3 months
• Additional supporting documents as required by the Bank

Q8: How long does it take for an application to be approved?

6 working days upon receipt of the completed application form and supporting documents.

Q9: When is the deadline for BSN Micro/i Kredit Prihatin application?

Until December 31, 2020

Q10: Does the Bank require any collateral from the customer as the monthly installment payment will take place in the 7th month after full repayment of the loan / loan?

No collateral required.

Q11: Who can customers deal with if they are interested in making a BSN Micro/i Kredit Prihatin application?

Contact your nearest Business Financing Executive for more information. Business Financing Executive phone number can be found on the BSN website 

Q12: How can I find out more about BSN Micro/i Kredit Prihatin?

For more information on BSN Micro/i Kredit Prihatin:

Please call 1300-88-1900
Visit BSN’s website:

• BSN Micro-i Kredit Prihatin (Islamik) 
• BSN Micro Kredit Prihatin (Konvensional) 

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