digital covid 19The question is: Are we ready to work from home? From an operational point of view, moving resources that are usually in the office to our homes in order to carry out daily tasks can be quite a challenge. Let’s look at three of these challenges:

Connection to corporate systems. If the company doesn’t have their systems in the cloud, accessing them daily can pose problems in terms of logistics and safety. Local networks are fortresses that hold the central systems, so it’s important to keep them safe from a cyber attack. Allowing them to be accessed by a safe remote connection is costly and requires investments that can be difficult for small and medium businesses (SME).

Limited Time. Employees have limited time to do all the reconciliations on time in the office.  This will be even harder due to  issues related to working at home e.g. bad connection of Internet and internet data limit at home.

Safe Connection. Companies can deploy a lot of resources to protect information within the corporate network. But when we are outside this network, few companies are able to build a tunnel that allows their employees to work remotely with the same efficiency, speed and availability that they have at their work.

robotic process automationRECONCILIATIONS RPA PORTAL, provided by CALYX SERVICIOS in partnership with Pro B Centre Sdn Bhd, is a solution that’s ready to work from home without any of these problems. RECONCILIATIONS RPA PORTAL is capable of crossing, consolidating, validating and reconciling any type of data, automating processes using its RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology. Let’s see how it faces the challenges of remote work:

It doesn’t require a connection to corporate systems. RECONCILIATIONS RPA PORTAL is a solution that the users can access from the WEB so it can travel with them when they have to be at home. This is not to say that its capabilities are less than those of other corporate systems: RECONCILIATIONS RPA PORTAL’s components are highly efficient and take advantage of the flexibility and the adaptability of each user, ensuring high productivity and significant savings in time and costs.

It is always available 24/7. As a Cloud Portal, the users can connect anytime they want uploading the information to make the conciliations. This optimizes resources at home, since almost any Internet connection will be enough to download the files that RECONCILIATIONS RPA PORTAL needs to process. One of RECONCILIATIONS RPA PORTAL’s strengths is its flexibility to process virtually any type of data source in any time.  The ROBOT works 24 hours assisting human while they rest i.e. sleep or after work.

Guaranteed Security. With RECONCILIATIONS RPA PORTAL, your operations are done which isolates the risk of unauthorized access to confidential information. If this were not enough, RECONCILIATIONS RPA PORTAL internally encrypts the information it processes, so that your information will be secure.

If I am already using RECONCILIATIONS RPA PORTAL, is there anything else I can do to work more effectively from home? Four tips from Inc.com:

Let others know your work schedule. Inform your team and your colleagues, as well as your family, about your work schedule, and stick to it. This will let them know when you’re available and will avoid interruptions.

Don’t stay in your pajamas. Take a shower and get dressed as if to go to work. This will allow you to have the right mental attitude to work from home and will separate personal time from work time.

Establish an area to work inside your house. Choose an area where you can work, preferably with a comfortable chair and a table or desk. A consistent workspace will help you be more productive and efficient.

Take breaks. While at the office you tend to take spontaneous breaks and have refreshing conversations, it’s possible for this not to occur naturally at home. Breaks of 5-7 minutes every half hour, or a longer break of 20 minutes every 1-2 hours is recommended.



Credit cards payments.
Fees / Commissions.
Billing & Collections.
Accounts Pauables / Receivables.
General Ledger Accounts.
BSP Reports.
Salaries / Payroll.

Lead Generation.
Data input control.
Information Consolidation.
Budget Control

How does the service work?
Automation is not exclusive to large companies and projects. SMEs can have access to it as many repetitive and standardized tasks and processes can be automised, in areas such as purchases, payment to suppliers, bookkeeping, billing, among others.

Based on a simple 5 steps methodology going from the innovation discovery to the its implementation, PGK Consultores in partnership with Pro B Centre Sdn Bhd work on finding the best solutions for businesses. We have proven competency in implementing automation in RECONCILIATIONS banks, by creating a centralized reception of invoice or even an app to record automatically tickets of T&E employees reports.

Implementing automatized processes and tasks in your business is both a question of subsistence to this rapid evolution and an opportunity. Indeed, the main benefits are cutting labor costs, reducing risks of human mistakes, and optimizing the efficiency of processes. There is always a positive ROI in implementing a digitalized automation, and it offers more time for the staff to achieve added value tasks.

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