Dato’ Dr. Chua Hock Hoo Appointed Adjunct Professor at Blockchain Talks @UKM

Cheng & Co Group’s Executive Chairman Dato’ Dr Chua Hock Hoo was officially honoured as the Adjunct Professor of the Centre of Global Business and Digital Economy Studies (GloBDE), University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) at the Blockchain Talks @UKM programme yesterday.

Among the guests at the forum include Tan Sri Dato Seri Wahid Omar, Chairman of the Board of Directors, UKM, Yang Berbahagia Profesor Dr Norman Mohd Saleh, Pro Vice Chancellor UKM, Strategy and Corporate Development, Professor Dr Aini Aman, Chair, Center for Global Business and Digital Economy Studies, UKM and Michael Warren, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Economics and Management, UKM.

Blockchain is rapidly disrupting industries especially accounting and, in his speech, Dato’ Dr Chua stressed on the importance of embracing blockchain technology. “Blockchain technology aligns seamlessly with our profession and is going to enhance the industry by adding a new a dimension of efficiency and transparency,” he said.

WORDPRESS Dato’ Dr. Chua Hock Hoo Appointed Adjunct Professor at UKM

Dato’ Dr Chua also spoke about how Cheng & Co is driving the implementation of blockchain in our services and solutions as part of becoming an industry 4.0 compliant firm which led to the establishment of our i-Business Cluster, tasked with initiating technology transformation throughout our firm.

“The i-Business Cluster will be at the forefront of driving the adoption of the best technologies and accelerate its application into our services and solutions. With competition expected to get tougher in the new decade, this is crucial to sustain our high-performance levels, continue to be competitive and increase revenue,” he added.

In 2019, a ground-breaking MoU was signed between GloBDE and our wholly-owned subsidiary Pro B Centre Sdn Bhd to officially launch the ​Virtual Accountant Training Centre in UKM. Blockchain will soon be at the forefront of this training centre to train students to have the expertise to handle a technology that will go on to dominate the accounting industry.

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