In the accounting industry, many practitioners provide the standard services needed by most companies. These are primarily audit, tax, secretarial and accounting services. But when their clients grow to a certain level, they would require more complex services which smaller practises may not be able to fulfil due to factors such as lack of experience, time, resources and knowledge. This is the point where becoming a member firm of Cheng & Co solves their problems.

With 25 years of experience and more than 10 branches in Malaysia, Cheng & Co Group has specialists in every area of accounting. We have all the resources at hand to help deal with problems faced by business owners. For a growing business, they require consultants to assist in planning on business expansion and fund allocation, be it to invest into capex or marketing, for tax planning, company structure arrangements, organisation structure and professional advisory. We have the team to help clients’ source for funds, grow by way of initial public offering or getting potential investors. When there are changes in the industry, we are equally ready to provide the  necessary guidance to keep clients up to date.

We also have a high performing member firm that successfully obtained their audit license after joining us. They have since expanded their services to deal with insolvency cases, audit upon procedures, fund raising and more. The firm recognised that they may not have the required investment, time and expertise to perform these tasks on their own and took advantage of the benefits of the programme.


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