MoU between Cheng & Co and Halyscon Resources Sdn Bhd

The MoU with Halyscon Resources Sdn Bhd, an agency that facilitates the overall development of the Halal industry in Malaysia as well as international markets, to promote Malaysia as a global Halal hub.

Halsycon’s range of JAKIM-recognised services include end-to-end Halal integrity verification services, validated Halal test kits and tools, assisting and managing Halal applicants and, training and development programs.

MoU between Cheng & Co and Halyscon Resources Sdn Bhd

Halsycon Resources Sdn Bhd, is an united marketing collaborator for Revongen Corporation, an corporation with diversified businesses, which includes, United Halal Science Consortium, Premier Health News & Media, Agriculture , Medical Equipment & Research, E-Commerce and Trading. Besides that, Halsycon does many collaboration with businesses to provide an whole business ecosystem to clients in order to solve their problem in any aspects

With Cheng & Co providing a one-stop Halal Consultancy to help clients obtain Halal Certification, this collaboration ensures that clients get the very best in Halal development and resources to make their marks in the industry.


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