Backend Operations No Longer A Worry

To effectively identify the state of an organisation’s backend business function, the management should often ask themselves the following questions:

  1. Do you provide management account and payroll report for decisions to be taken on a timely basis?
  2. Do you have problems retaining your Finance and HR staff?
  3. Are your Finance & HR teams truly functioning as strategic partners to achieve your goals?

The answer to the above queries, it is recommended that your company outsource its backend business functions to a professional Global Business Services firm like Pro B Center Sdn Bhd (PROB) to resolve your issues effectively.

Pro B Centre a Global Business Services firm that provides Business Process Outsourcing services to ensure smooth backend operation.

Global Business Services 

The benefits of outsourcing these functions to PRO B include:

  • Lowering Cost as we can achieve economies of scale for running these functions.
    • You can achieve reductions of 20-40% on your existing staffing costs and overheads.
  • Business owners and management can rest east and not worry about backend business functions such as Finance; Human Resources & Taxation.
    • We have access to industry standard practices (such as accounting standard; HR rule & regulations; Income tax rules & regulations) through our knowledge management system.
  • Achieving Operational Efficiencies as we are highly experienced in these areas.
    • We will optimise our staffing level as per your business’ requirements
  • No infrastructure investment involved for outsourced functions
    • We would invest in the infrastructure
  • No staff retention issues for these functions
    • We would recruit the right personnel to provide the best services to you


PROB was Initially set up to support the Cheng & Co Group of companies in Malaysia and  branches abroad. Services include Cloud Tax Review and Submission, Accounting & Finance, Human Resource Payroll, Administrative, Customer Services and IT Services in a centralised back office location.

As this model matured and as a logical progression, we began to offer our business process outsourcing services to local and international clients. Pro B is a firm with MSC status from MDEC and is also a HRDF registered company.

PRO B has been working closely with clients, providing business services such as tax review, book keeping, accounting, payroll, HR solutions and IT services for the last couple of years. Our office is equipped with the latest IT infrastructures i.e. fast, 24 hours Internet connectivity, updated backups and Internet Security hardware and software.

PRO B provides the following business process outsourcing services:

  1. Business Process Outsourcing – Finance Operation (Data Entry; Book Keeping; GST Accounting and Review; Analytical Report, etc.)
  2. Business Process Outsourcing – Human Resources Management (Payroll Processing; Recruitment; Performance Appraisal; etc.)
  3. Business Process Outsourcing – Taxation (Online Tax Review; Submission Services through cloud based tax system)

In conclusion, we strongly encourage you to outsource your backend business function to PROB so that you can fully concentrate on other key aspects of your business such as strategic direction, sales and marketing and products and services.


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