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Yayasan Peneraju Accounting Symposium 2017

At the recent Yayasan Peneraju Accounting Symposium 2017, the Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani was quoted as saying “we aim to produce 60,000 accountants by 2020 and right now Malaysia has 33,000 professional accountants. Among them, 20,032 are chartered accountants.” This target aligns precisely with Cheng & Co’s own vision 2020 which includes, enhancing the nation’s accounting human capital development and strength.

Source: New Straits Times 

Professional Entrepreneur Program (PEP)

Two years ago, Cheng & Co introduced the Professional Entrepreneur Program (PEP), in partnership with Kaplan Financial and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). The PEP is one of the best entrepreneurial training programmes the accounting industry has to offer, towards becoming an accomplished and innovative accounting practitioner and entrepreneur.

It is uniquely structured to develop entrepreneurial skills and provide invaluable experience for accounting students. Candidates will also be able to develop vital soft skills such as leadership and communications, and experience continuous professional development towards obtaining a professional certification and a practitioner’s license. One of the most important aspects of the PEP is the internationally-acclaimed Broadcast Centre.

The Broadcast Centre is a live online learning platform, in collaboration with Kaplan, to pursue ICAEW, ACCA, CPA and Kaplan qualifications. It features high-definition video lectures, state-of-the-art equipment space, and high-speed internet connectivity for students to effectively interact with lecturers or broadcast facilitators. Upon completion, candidates will be well on track towards becoming excellent accounting practitioners and successful entrepreneurs.

The PEP can also be pursued via becoming a member firm of Cheng & Co. Becoming a member firm of Cheng & Co is more than just being a partner. It’s being a part of 23 years of an established chartered accountancy brand and expertise recognised not just in Malaysia but in major countries in the Asia-Pacific. The firm’s unwavering commitment to helping SMEs blossom will be a major plus for member firms in enhancing their business operations.

Besides developing accounting practitioners and entrepreneurs, Cheng & Co – as part of the firm’s vision 2020, where we aspire to “BE THE FIRM OF THE FUTURE: The leading home-grown international accounting firm’ – has put in tremendous effort to cultivate continuous learning, growth and development of the firm’s human capital. They are, after all, the firm’s most valuable asset. This lead to the establishment of the Leadership Centre in 2011.

An initiative of Cheng & Co Foundation, the purpose of the Leadership Centre is to develop leaders of the future through internal career development programmes for employees at every level. Promising individuals a provided a great deal of guidance on cultivating their extensive knowledge base, deep-rooted professionalism and unwavering commitment towards future demands that come with moving up the corporate ladder.

With 2017 being a year of Transformation for Cheng & Co, it is essential to invest in talent development for long term growth and success not just for the firm, but also Malaysia’s accounting industry. These initiatives, triggered by the firm’s commitment to Transformation, has thus far produced highly capable young leaders, especially those that recently graduated from the Transformation Leadership Programme 2017.

While Cheng & Co made its mark in the accounting industry and talent development, a new sustainable business model was introduced to boost one of the fastest growing industries in Malaysia. After becoming the first Malaysian accounting firm to obtain the MSC status GBS license from MDEC, Cheng & Co launched its wholly-owned subsidiary, Pro B Centre Sdn Bhd (Pro B) in June 2016.

Pro B is a holistic one-stop centre, offering the most sought after Global Business Services (GBS) via high-tech outsourcing facilities to clients in Malaysia as well as the Asia-Pacific region. In today’s extremely competitive business environment, it is essential for a company – be it an SME or a large organisation – to effectively manage operating costs for long term business success.

Pro B is here to help companies enjoy peace of mind that comes with dealing with a single, trusted service provider with the expertise and structure to offer reliable support for key operational areas.

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