Cheng & Co Transformation Leadership Programme 2017 Graduates

A Day To Savour For The Transformation Leadership Programme 2017 Graduates

Six months of hard work finally came to fruition for Cheng & Co’s talented employees. It was time for their graduation from the Transformation Leadership Programme 2017. This year’s edition was unlike any other conducted in years past. Beyond classroom coaching and training sessions with the S.U.P.E.R series modules, outdoor excursions formed an important part of the programme.

The overall structure of the Transformation Leadership Programme – supported by Cheng & Co Foundation – is aimed at building and nurturing characters, camaraderie, endurance and ability to lead from the front. At the end of the programme, it was evident how much their leadership knowledge and abilities, confidence, and soft skills were significantly enhanced and it stands them in good stead towards become the leaders of the future.

Twenty-four talented employees from all business clusters earned their graduation certificates at a grand ceremony at Cheng & Co’s Leadership Centre on 6 October 2017. The graduates are:

Kok Chee Ying Nurul Ezzaidah Binti Nordin Quak Hui Sin
Teh Guat Theng Sankran Silvarajan Yap Hui Wen
Muhammad Khair Nabil Bin Kharuddin Chong Ee Tien Lee Shu Ching
Chai Chang Kian Lily Cheng Tay Lian Teng
Wong Chun Hoe Shiu Kai Huey Lew Sin Zin
Ng Ee Lian Julie Ng Tay Lee Fang
Fun Wei Xiang Low Sze Minn Nurazreen Binti Dolmat
Lai Yee Leng Quak Hui Ying Tan Yee Thien


The ceremony kicked-off with Cheng & Co’s Managing Partner Professor Dato’ Dr Chua Hock Hoo delivering his welcome address and shared the firms’ Corporate Framework. The audience were given illustrations on Cheng & Co’s growth strategy, the various themes that were the firm’s driving force in recent years, essential statistics and growth figures, and, of course, a brief history about Cheng & Co Foundation.Dean of Meinders School of Business, Oklahoma City University, Professor Dr Steven C. Agee

The Dean of Meinders School of Business, Oklahoma City University, Professor Dr Steven C. Agee, was the guest of honour at the ceremony. He took the stage to motivate the young generation to keep learning while they work. Dean Agee also shared his own experience of starting a business before becoming a lecturer and, nurturing and developing many Chief Executive Officers from different fields of expertise.

The graduation certificates were handed to all talented staff by Dean Agee together with Professor Dato’ Dr Chua. Congratulations to all graduates of the Transformation Leadership Programme 2017. You have had the rare opportunity of being conferred your certificate of accomplishment in the presence of the Dean of OCU’s Meinders School of Business. May this achievement be a stepping stone for everyone to reach greater heights.



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