1 Plan for Life (1P4L): Protecting You Come What May

“If a child, a spouse, a life partner, or a parent depends on you and your income, you need life insurance.” Suze Orman

Mention life insurance to just about anyone and one can almost imagine a frown as the most immediate form of reaction.

The truth is, it is not that people detest life insurance or the benefits that come along with it – in fact, the increasing rate of financial literacy amongst Malaysians has certainly made positive contributions towards the overall rate of receptiveness towards life insurance.

Financially Literate Customers

Today, working adults, including young professionals entering the workforce as well as those who have just embarked on starting a family, understand why life insurance is a priceless gift if taken at the right time, more than ever before.

People today are more risk averse as much as they understand that nothing comes close to protecting themselves and their loved ones against life’s unexpected moments such as death, critical illnesses, hospitalisation and disability, through an affordably priced life insurance plan.

Present Setback

The difficult part comes along when one begins to look around for a suitable plan, one that would cover most of the common life events with a reasonably high coverage, throughout one’s changing life stages.

Most times, people shopping around for a suitable life insurance plan end up signing up for several policies to cater to their various needs ranging from a medical plan, critical illness cover and a whole life plan.

The cumbersome part of all these lies in the act of managing multiple policies, trying to understand what it offers (and what it excludes), paying multiple premiums and the need to take up individual policies for every major risk covered by a life insurance plan.

1 Plan Covering Your Entire Life Stages

We know the pain that you experience, more so in today’s fast paced world.

That is why we have given your dilemma great thought and consideration and our all new 1 Plan for Life (1P4L) Insurance solution – specially designed by CC Advisory Sdn Bhd, a Securities Commission and Bank Negara licenced company – cuts down all the clutter and makes protecting your loved ones and yourself for multiple life events, a breeze.

This exclusive plan has two main components namely, the protection element consisting of life, total and permanent disability (TPD) cover for up to RM1 million along with a critical illness protection with a RM500,000 limit.

The second and most unique aspect of the 1P4L Insurance program lies in its inflation adjusted medical plan featuring RM400 room & board cap complemented by an annual limit of RM200,000.

As the name suggests, this is an innovative plan that has taken into account the rising medical inflation rate and so, the best part lies in the fact that the medical portion does not have a lifetime limit!

The medical benefits of the plan are also set to increase by 10% every 3 years, thus giving you more value for your premiums and proving to be extremely useful as you age over the years.

Maximising Your Ringgit

Packed with all the features that you need, we know your next question would hover on “how expensive is the plan?”

Surprise, surprise. Our unique 1P4L plan has been carefully priced to be friendly on your wallet – choose from a plan with an annual premium of RM4,800* (RM400 per month) consisting of RM1 million coverage for life and TPD respectively, RM500,000 for 36 Critical Illnesses, RM400 Room & Board limit, RM200,000 Hospitalisation Annual Limit and by the 20th year of the policy, the plan would be worth more than RM60,000 in terms of cash value.

If RM300 premium per month (RM3,600* annually) fits your budget better, here’s what you get in a nutshell: RM500,000 coverage for life and TPD respectively, RM500,000 for 36 Critical Illnesses, RM400 Room & Board limit, RM200,000 Hospitalisation Annual Limit and by the 20th year of the policy, the plan’s cash value would be approximately RM43,000.

(*indicative premium for a male/female aged 30)

With either option, you stand to enjoy a 10% increase in the Room & Board plus Annual Limit every 3 years because we know how important it is for your life insurance protection with medical provision to be inflation adjusted.


Speak To Us

Your life matters to your loved ones. Your loved ones depend on you. Life insurance is the best gift for yourself and your family. There is no better time than now to sign up for our 1P4L plan – call us at +603 7972 8988 or +603 7972 6359 or +6019 4489923 or +019 010 2204725 or email: ccwm@chengco.com.my and we’ll customise a plan for you right away!


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