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Your Company Group Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance Policy may have these 2 problems:

2 Problems

Cheng & Co Risk Management has a Unique Offering that solves these problems. Here’s how:

1.[Benefit to company] High Annual Limit (starting from RM 150k) to ensure annual medical claim per staff never gets exceeded, so that annual premium cost does not escalate.

2.[Benefit to staff] High Room & Board limit (starting from RM 300) to ensure the Co-Payment clause never kicks in.

3.Annual Limit and R&B limit automatically increases 10% every 3 years to cater for medical inflation.

4.A competitive premium cost which is comparable to your normal Group H&S premium* (refer to indicative Table of Annual Premium on the next page)

* Cost competitiveness will depend on the overall age bands most of your company staff falls into; this may translate into HUGE cost savings

Case Study

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