Cheng & Co Group’s Founder Shares 2016 Achievements and Ambitions

Annual Cheng & Co Conference with Innovation as Core Theme

As the Co-founder of Cheng & Co Group, I am proud to say that our Annual Cheng & Co Conference in 2015 was a great success, with Innovation as its core theme. This event showcased local and international industry experts who shared their insights on how organisations can take innovative measures to manage their businesses more effectively. The conference ended on a high note, giving us great optimism for 2016 and the future.

Ground-Breaking Achievements in 2016

In 2016, we at Cheng & Co Group were eager to take things up a notch. We aimed to consolidate our position as the leading home-grown, international accounting firm in the ASEAN region and Asia as a whole. Our hard work and dedication paid off, and we achieved several ground-breaking accomplishments throughout the year.

Launch of Melaka Branch and State-of-the-Art Broadcast Centre

We launched our Melaka branch office and state-of-the-art Broadcast Centre, a first-of-its-kind in Malaysia. The Broadcast Centre provides a platform for locals to pursue their dream of completing the prestigious ICAEW qualification, which helps produce an increased number of world-class professionals. Pursuing ICAEW with Kaplan’s educational and learning excellence and support from experienced tutors ensures students get the best international accounting education.

Launch of Women’s Leadership Centre

The Women’s Leadership Centre was also launched on the same day, highlighting Cheng & Co’s unwavering commitment to empowering women and creating future female leaders. Our firm is proud that 69% of our over 300 staff in our offices nationwide are women. The centre is led by the Director of our Melaka office, Ms Tay Lee Hoon, and funded by Cheng & Co Foundation.

Launch of Pro B Centre

Less than a week after the Melaka branch and Broadcast Centre launch, we launched Pro B Centre, offering the most sought-after SSO facilities and solutions for businesses keen on exploring innovative measures to ensure the future success of their organisations. As a technology-led entity, Pro B’s main objective is to aid companies in achieving operational success through strategic cost efficiency and human capital utilisation.

Key Moment at TGS Asia-Pacific Conference

Our Chief Operating Officer and I presented Cheng & Co’s growth strategy at the TGS Asia-Pacific Conference in Taiwan, in June. Due to our impressive growth story and developed strategies, we were invited to organise the prestigious TGS global conference in Malaysia, in November 2016.


In conclusion, all our landmark launches in the first half of 2016 have set the tempo for the rest of the year. With the upcoming TGS global conference, Cheng & Co is looking forward to ending 2016 on a much higher note.

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