MIA’s Two-Day Mandatory Public Practice Programme – Non-Technical Skills Training By Prof. Dato’ Dr Chua

The Malaysian Institute Of Accountants (MIA) will be organising the Public Practice Programme 2016 at the Concorde Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Cheng & Co’s Managing Partner, Professor Dato’ Dr Chua Hock Hoo will be one of the facilitators at this programme – to be held on 23 and 24 August, 2016 – and will be conducting the training session on day two. Before pursuing the practicing certificate, it is crucial for practitioners to get a good understanding of their role in developing the profession, and issues that directly affect them and their practise.

The accounting industry’s landscape is constantly changing and, while this may provide new opportunities, it has also created new challenges, greater expectations, and a broader range of responsibilities that go beyond routine number crunching. Hence MIA has made it mandatory for its members who are planning to apply for a practicing certificate to attend the Public Practice Programme which is designed to develop quality public practitioners and help them achieve long-term success.

It addresses numerous critical non-technical skills that practitioners need to thoroughly learn and understand before attaining the levels of skill and knowledge needed to develop and manage a successful practice. Professor Dato’ Dr Chua’s training session will cover key topics such as Strategic Planning and Practice Management, Technology Management and Marketing Strategies. His wealth of experience in accounting and developing SMEs will prove invaluable for everyone in attendance.

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