Jess Liew Attains Tax License In Australia

Cheng & Co would like to congratulate Jess Liew for officially becoming a licensed tax agent in Australia. Jess is the Tax Manager at our Australian office, Chengco Taxation Pty Ltd. This is by no means an easy feat taking into account the stringent process and requirements of the Tax Practitioners Board of Australia, which includes being a fit and proper person.

It is tougher for foreign accountants to obtain this license in Australia due to the strict qualifications and experience requirements, in accordance with Australia’s Tax Agent Services Regulations 2009. But Jess’ Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting from Curtin University in Perth, Australia certainly had a big impact as it met one of the key criteria required to qualify.

Jess’ aim was to achieve this license soon after her graduation hence, since her first year in university, she began working as an accounting assistant and junior accountant in a few firms and also ensured that she was enrolled in courses approved by the board. This in itself was challenging as her daily schedule involved being a full-time student as well as working nearly full-time hours.

Jess’ achievement in becoming a licensed tax agent has positively impacted our Australian office as our clients will be further assured of high quality and trustworthy advice from a registered agent with the required qualifications and experience.

“This achievement was made possible thanks to all the support I received from my colleagues, friends and family, and also the fairness of the application process. I would like to give a big shout out to Cheng & Co, particularly our partner Mr. KC Liew for his guidance throughout and our Managing Partner Professor Dato’ Dr Chua Hock Hoo for all his encouragement,” said Jess.

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