Women’s Leadership Centre

Cheng & Co Foundation congratulates the head of Cheng & Co’s Melaka office, Ms Tay Lee Hoon and her team, on the successful launch of our Women’s Leadership Centre. This landmark initiative underlines our unwavering commitment towards empowering women and creating future women leaders.

Upon the launch of the Women’s Leadership Centre, Ms Tay and her team have created a library of carefully selected high quality books on leadership and women’s empowerment that will help provide insights and ideas on the essential qualities critical for being an effective leader.

Some of the books currently available at the Women’s Leadership Centre includes:

  • The Leadership Skills Handbook (2nd Edition 2014) – Author: Jo, Owen
  • The Leaderless Revolution (2011) – Author: Carne Ross
  • Women Who Win At Work (2009) – Author: Liane Sebastian
  • The 7th Habits Of Highly Effective People (2013) – Author: Stephen R. Covey
  • The Secret Thoughts Of Successful Women (2011) – Author: Valeri Young
  • Every Leader Is An Artist (2012) – Author: Michael O’Malley & William F. Baker
  • Management Stripped Bare (2012) – Author: Jo, Owen
  • How To Succeed In Work & Life (2011) – Author: Todd Duncan
  • Talk Like Ted (2014) – Author: Carmine Callo
  • The Golden Rules For Managers (2009) – Author: Frank McNair
  • The 80/20 Manager (2013) – Author: Richard Koch
  • Coaching, Mentoring & Managing (2005) – Author: Micki Holliday
  • Driving Change – The Ups Approach To Business (2007) – Author: Mike Brewster & Frederick Daizell
  • Alibaba’s World (2015) – Author: Porter Erisman
  • Leading – A Case Study In Leadership (2016) – Author: Alex Ferguson

The first ever book sharing session will be held at the Women’s Leadership Centre in August 2016 where our employees will be encouraged to read and understand selected books and, apply the theories and best practises in their day-to-day responsibilities at work and their lives outside of work.

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