Document Warehousing

BEEB Info Solution Sdn Bhd or BEEB
"Business Essentials Efficiently Boxed"

We offer Document Warehousing service

  • Storage
  • Retrieval
  • Info Management
  • Destruction
  • Facilitating Tax Audit

Service Value

  • Reduced cost - space, resources

Quality time spent for document retrieval

  • Insufficient office space
  • Opportunity cost in term of office/warehouse/retail space allocation
    i.e. Rental:RM 2 per sq/ft
       Office/retail space : for 700 sq/ft
       100 arch files taking 100sq/ft
       Opportunity cost: RM 200 monthly, BEEB RM100

Secure destruction

  • Data protection - CCTV, surveillance cam, restricted access and recorded visits
  • Mitigate risk of theft, unauthorised document access, loss of documents and hazard & fire
  • Penalty due to regulatory/statutory non-compliance i.e. Public Ruling 1-8/2000

Systematic warehousing of info:

  • Archived with indexing, labeling for easy retrieval
  • Efficiency in document retrieval
  • Reduce retrieval dependant on few personnel

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