Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

Having a hard time for your business? Defaulting on bank loans?
Owned a company but has no intention to continue its operations?
Planning to restructure your company?

The business recovery division is an integral part of Cheng & Co group. We specialize in providing business advisory services to various stakeholders which includes creditors, directors, equity holders, banks, and other interested parties. We serve both domestic and international clients from various industries.

The main services offered by us include:-


Protect the interest and security of lender via the preservation and/or sale of charged assets under a debenture.


Liquidation is an orderly winding down of business and maximization of recovery value to creditors and shareholders. The 3 different modes of winding up are
  • members' voluntary liquidation
  • creditors' voluntary liquidation
  • compulsory liquidation

Special Accountant (Monitoring role)

The role of special accountant is to carry out a specific monitoring role that includes monitoring and reviewing specific business areas and at times also act as a co-signatory for payments or implement approval mechanisms in certain situations.

Scheme of Arrangement

A scheme is an application to the Court for a voluntary reorganization under the Companies Act 1965.

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