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HR Transformation Discovering New Horizon

In Cheng & Co, what can HR department do as a strategic business partner? HR as a discipline has evolved considerable over the last decade, moving from focusing on HR operation efficiency and administrative effectiveness to developing advanced capabilities that support organisational strategies and objectives.

In Cheng & Co, our HR transformation strategies as below:-


Selection a pool of job candidates is the key fundamental in developing a potential future talented staffs. Select a right individual at the right time is the most crucial stage. Hiring process includes involving aggressively in University and Colleges career fairs, recruitment agency, referral and etc.

Training & Development

Training programs are directed towards maintaining and improving current job performance. Existing training program includes internal (technical & soft skill), external training, and professional leadership program. In order to encourage staff for further studies, we have granted the study financial aid through Study Support and Cheng & Co Foundation program.


Socializing at work benefits the workplace through encouraging teamwork. It builds new, strong alliances within your company. The current activities that encourage the socialization networking are such as annual company conference, annual dinner, sports and recreation. Besides, socializing with the new staff through staff orientation program is a proven method that acclimate the new worker to the new office, work team and duties.

Appraisal & Rewarding

Key Performance Index (KPI) is appraisals and rewards designed to show recognition to employees. Those who exemplify outstanding abilities in the workplace are celebrated through monthly KPI Best Achiever. KPI measurement enhances motivation, keeps employees goal-oriented and morale high. With high morale and a feeling of worth, employees will want to go beyond in the workplace.
Besides, 360 degree performance appraisal provides a more complete picture than a top-down, single rater appraisal, and a performance evaluation that includes only the manager's feedback.

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