Halal Consultancy

We assist company in the Halal certification process for the Malaysian and Indonesian market.

Our Services

Halal Quality Management System:-
  • Halal Team
  • Nature of Business
  • Flow Chart
  • Halal Threats and Control Measures
  • Determine HAPs
  • HAP Monitoring System
  • HAP Corrective Actions
  • Documentation System
  • Verify Halal System
  • Review Halal System

The advantages of a Halal certified product

  • Able to Leverage on the global Halal market
  • Enhance competitive advantage
  • Provide greater assurance to Muslim consumers
  • Leverage on small investment cost with huge potential growth
The type of Halal Certification includes JAKIM, JAIS, JAIN in Malaysia, MUIS in Indonesia covering various aspect of Halal certification requirements:-
  • Eating Establishment - For food establishment such as restaurant, foodcourt, etc.
  • Endorsement - For imported, exported or re-exported
  • Food Preparation - For catering establishment
  • Poultry Abattoir - For poultry abattoirs for their freshly-slaughtered poultry
  • Product - For products which are manufactured or partly manufactured/processed
  • Storage Facility - For stationary or mobile storage facilities
  • Whole Plant - For manufacturing facilities and all products manufactured therein

The Halal Certification Process


  • Setting up Halal Team
  • Halal Quality Management System
  • Raw material management
  • Delivery management
  • Halal Assurance Points (HAPs)
  • Process flow chart
  • Internal Audit report
  • Licence from National Environment Agency (NEA), Agri Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) or Health Services Authority (HAS)


  • Application fee
  • Registration of account
  • Documents checklist for audit purpose


  • Audit to be conducted at premises
  • Audit covers from the delivery of raw materials to the washing of used utensils
  • Inspection of documents to ensure compliance and audit trails
  • Final evaluation
  • Corrective action to be taken, if non-conformities are found
  • Issuance of report
  • Decision approve or reject
  • Payment of certification fees upon approval

Post Certification

  • Continuos compliance
  • MUIS will conduct unannounced periodic inspections
  • Renewal of application

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