Australia Migration & Property

We have been providing professional services in Australia for more than 10 years. We have merged with a firm in Australia in 2010 and have since moved to our new office in 2012 in order to provide one stop professional services to our clients.

Our Services

  • Tax
  • Bookkeeping
  • Australia property Management and Consulting
  • Investment Consulting


Listing of Malaysian Company in Australian Stock Exchange
Australia is a country with business opportunities. The economy of Australia is a stable, developed and market-opened economy. For the past nineteen (19) years, it was sheltered from recession. In recent months, while European countries were saddled by the financial crisis in Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain; Japan tumbled and plagued by the disastrous earth quake; America recovery is fading out; Australia on the other hand, joined by the world's...

Visit by Investors to the mine of a Listed Gold Mining Company near Kalgoorlie
In November 2010, three (3) partners from Cheng & Co group of companies led a team of seventeen (17) investors to visit the mine of a listed gold mining company near Kalgoorlie (about 50 minutes flight from Perth, WA)...

Opportunity for Securing a Commercial Entity in Perth and its surrounding areas
In March 2011, two (2) investors had successfully booked a 60 sq. m ground floor shop lot each through Cheng & Co Australia Pty Ltd in North Fremantle, near the busy port and tourist city of Fremantle, Western Australia for a price...

Investors hurry up; don't miss the opportunities in down under, especially in Perth, Western Australia. The staff of Cheng & Co Australia Pty Ltd is always there to help you

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